Introduction to Poetry by Diane Brown
The Maker's Space community art group at Glen Ellyn Evangelical Covenant Church Feb.18, 2014
Introduction to Poetry
Last Tuesday
Diane Brown opened with Genesis 3:23-24, the banishment of man from the Garden of Eden.  She said, "The rest of human history is flavored by that tragedy, that lost happiness, and the poet's purpose is to probe the wound, press on the bruise, sometimes even open the old scar.  He attempts to find a remedy; sometimes he doesn't.  All he is required to do is to remind us that the pain is there, that it is real.  And our job is to respond, ‘Yes, it is.’  It is a lie to say otherwise."
It was an inspiring evening that too many of you missed.  So, Diane has agreed to do a repeat Intro to Poetry.  Mark your calendars for April 15 and bring a theme, an idea and any of your own works of poetry.  This is an important skill to try because it touches us in very deep places which reminds us that we are part of the human race.


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