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Giardino dell'Iris

This is a little known garden , Giardino dell' Iris, next to the greatest viewing point in all of Florence, the Piazzale Michelangelo. From my reading in the biography of Michelangelo "The Agony and the Ecstasy" by Irving Stone, Michelangelo often spent time near here on the former city wall, overlooking Florence and the magnificent Duomo by Brunelleschi, one of the great architectural wonders of the world. Here he must have contemplated its construction, and then drawn from that many years later as he was asked to construct the dome and church of the Vatican, St. Peter's Cathedral.  In this garden, the iris and some roses are in bloom, set underneath a grove of olive trees. It is only open one month a year, when the iris are blooming.  What a treat to be here the month that it is open and blooming! Giardino dell'Iris Giardino dell'Iris The  Giardino dell'Iris  is a  botanical garden  specializing in the cultivation of  iris  flowers, symbo

Flag throwing in Florence

Coming across these school children giving a flag throwing competition, made me want to investigate the art of flag throwing. oject Pyramid: the rolling (& pointy) hills of Tuscany When life gives you Sorrentino lemons, make limoncello – the recipe!  → Flag Throwing in Florence: a medieval spectacular Posted on   December 4, 2013   by   Artviva Tours, Italy   Musicians, dancers and flag throwers enter the stage in Florence, Italy Italians love a good celebration, even (or especially) if that means commemorating a victory dating back to Medieval times! Special occasions in  Florence  and  Tuscany  generally are often marked with street parades featuring flag throwers. The art of flag throwing dates back to Medieval and Renaissance times when military parades would be accompanied by their band of merry musicians and their flag bearers. To add a touch of drama to the parades, the flag bearers would put on a show to wow the gathered crowds by elabor

Khrystyna Kozyuk--Painter

Greetings from Woodstock, IL! View this email in your browser I would like to personally invite you to my solo artist showcase at the Woodstock Opera House! My art show “Meet and Greet“ will be from  11am-4pm  at the historic Woodstock Opera House. I will be hosting the event and talking about my some of my personal favorite artworks. Petite appetizers and soft drinks will be served. The show will be up until  May 2nd , so make sure you stop by and see it if you can’t make it to the opening weekend! Come Spend the Day or Weekend in Woodstock. Get ready to explore!  Read my blog  to find out what places you can visit in Woodstock! With Love, Khrystyna