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Lenten hymn prayer walk

Nine artists from the Glen Ellyn Covenant Church, created visual interpretations of nine hymns to make a self-led prayer walk. See below for details. Sunday Evening  Prayer in Lent Sundays  March 10 – April 7  you are invited to a time of self-guided prayer, reflection and meditation in the sanctuary.  Using hymns and songs of the faith that have been illustrated by our visual artists, you will be given the opportunity to engage your eyes, ears, mind and heart in communication with God. This is how it will work: A booklet containing the song lyrics will be provided for you. A visual rendering of each song will be on the walls in the sanctuary. A ‘QR’ code is available for each song which will allow you to listen from your phone. Take time to meditate on the hymn and pray a response to God.  You do not need to make it through all of the hymns in one session. Below, is a link to the Lenten prayer guide with URL codes and reflections of the hymn For the artist's inspira