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#3 Culture Care Series-Acrylic Painting of Starry Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

  Supplies:    a blank canvas, sponge brush and other brush, blue, red or orange, white, yellow, and black acrylic paint. [Chapt. 7,8 & 9. Culture Care by Makoto Fujimura] Youtube Video Link {Text of the video} Welcome to The Maker’s Space! This is a place where you can come out of your busy, chaotic world and slow down to listen to your Maker.    We use art as a tool to learn new things.    It’s good to make our brains uncomfortable because it kicks us out of automatic pilot, like when we are binge watching tv….into a learning mode, where we are ready to learn new things about ourselves from our Maker with the goal of change and being transformed.    I want to change and grow into my better self—-don’t you?    What better way than to hear from the One who made you and loves you and wants you to become your best self? Sounds like work and self-help books, right?    However, we really don’t have to do a thing except focus our minds on God and get to know