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CREATIVITY TAKES COURAGE- HENRI MATISSE I loved this quote that I found posted in the Wheaton College paper.  It made me think of taking that first step into the the unknown of something that has never been done before.  When you think about any of our efforts to do anything whether it be a painting, cooking, a presentation for work, or any project, we do not know the exact outcome.  In the creative process, whether we know it or not, we join the Creator of the Universe, not knowing what will happen, but something happens as our mind evolves into ideas of what to do next.  This "joining" is a mystery, so much so, that the world ignores it and gives all of the credit to the human.  The courage that is needed is to just "start" and let the Master Creator take it from there.  How many times are we discouraged to not even take that first step?  What do you think?

Quotes..."The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life."--Jessica Hische

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