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Holiday Cooking Class in October--Chateaubriand

  When I think back to family dinners, I remember my grandmother's meals.  The gift of time and love that she poured into our dinners together every Sunday is what I remember.  Have we sacrificed family dinners because we are so busy?  What are we not passing down to our children in the art of slow food when we opt for fast food? Our cooking class learned the art of presentation as well as the art of preparing the meat with garlic, oil, searing and sauces using the drippings and adding butter for flavor.  The appetizers of a pesto and sun=dried tomato loaf, olive tapenade, Havarti and sundried tomato cheesecake, were decorated with thyme and basil and tomato bits for a Christmas flair. All helped prepare the meat, the Elephant-ear potatoes, and wilted spinach salad. The conversation was lively and everyone enjoyed eating the fruit of our labors. The crowning moment was the chocolate cranberry torte.  That dessert also takes a bit of time the day of the