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#3 How to feed the soul and live a more creative life..Making wreaths from found things

Sometimes I get distracted and try and make something out of something that I have.  Making new things out of extra free things that I have is a challenge I often do to make use out of things sitting around.  We have lots of saved corks around...lots of acorns from Michigan, {it was an abundant year,} and I like to use the plants that have been growing in the planters like sage along with cinnamon that can be used in cooking during the winter months.  This helps the creative process as well, as we are created as problem solvers.  Just as repurposing is the trend today and was the way of life for the generations before us, making things out of things that you have, or changing the original purpose of an item into something else is fun and challenges the brain. It's also good to experiment.  "I think it's good to have a lot of projects going at once so you can bounce between them  When you get sick of one project, move over to another , and when you

How much does He love me?

This year, 2014, I started 3 collections........ Rocks with holes to build towers Beach glass Heart shaped rocks In the Children's Worship Class for Kindergartners to fifth graders, we try to create an environment where children can be with God and spend time getting to know Him and listening to Him.  Trying to explain what being alone with God could look like, I decided to take them along on one of my walks with God.  I had them close their eyes and try to imagine the scene.  I was on the beach of Lake Michigan.  The sun was shining and the waves were lapping up on the shore.  I was enjoying my walk alone, feeling the sun on my shoulders, a gentle breeze on my face, and listening to the waves roll up on to the shore...over and over again.  I was talking with God and thanking Him for loving me and for taking care of me and my family, and thanking Him for all of the ways that I saw Him working in the world.  I thanked Him for the beauty aroun