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Questions? Session #1-"Where are you?"

                                  Session #1 Where are you? Supplies needed: black ink pens, 2 pieces of watercolor paper, any watercolors.                                     Welcome to The Maker’s Space.                                          "Where are you...?" There are many ways to hear God; through Scripture, through creation, music, community and the arts.   This is a safe place where we slow down and use art to practice listening to God.   This year, The Maker’s Space will be looking at 5 questions that God asks us that we can ask ourselves in order to get to know ourselves and God, and others, better.   You might feel like you are languishing, [a state between despair and flourishing,] and I think that asking questions of God, ourselves and each other can help us think about the “what’s next?” and move us into flourishing again.   Think about doing this yourself, and then invite a group of friends or family to do it together to encourage conversations.   There will

Asking Questions???

                                                                              Asking Questions??? Whether we admit it or not, we are on a journey.   Humans are curious beings, so asking questions along the way can turn the journey into a quest.   The quest can be about the journey. Where we are going?   Which route do we take?   Are we up for an adventure?   The quest can also be about ourselves. Where am I going? How am I growing?   What am I learning? What do I see?   Who am I meeting? What are they like? What do they think?   What do I think?