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Haymarket Center of Chicago "Like A Tree" Art-Pictures from the 11/09/18 event

Who would have thought that a simple paper bag could help a group of clients from Haymarket Center, go deeper into their recovery and reflect on the nature of their roots when they look at their lives "Like a Tree." {for more information on Haymarket Center and the wonderful work they do with recovery from addictions go to} You might think that this project would all turn out the same.  But no, 26 clients spent 2 hours in concentrated time creating tree sculptures and considered what they took into their roots, good and bad that would make a strong or weak tree and would determine the fruit that they would produce.  They then wrote a narrative on their piece and why they made it the way that they did.  The results were all completely different.  Some of their fruit represented their children.  Some of their children they had lost, others were keeping them going to get them through the program. Some of the trees were bent in half representing their broken

Be Like A Tree

“ A good tree will naturally and automatically produce good fruit. That is how Jesus described his disciples in the Sermon on the Mount. We are like healthy, thriving trees and the life of God within us is manifested in the love, joy, peace, kindness, and mercy we produce. The key to this kind of life, Jesus said, is learning to abide deeply in communion with him the way a branch abides in a vine or a tree is rooted in good soil. Our focus should not be the fruit on our branches but the depth of our roots. As we live deeply with Jesus the fruit will take care of itself. ”  Skye  Jethani The Maker’s Space is an open community welcome to all, which uses art to slow down and learn about  ourselves  through God’s eyes.  This year, our theme will be trees and discovering what the roots absorb determines our fruit.   What do you want your fruit to look like? We meet on the 4 th  Monday evening of every month, {except Dec.}, 7-9pm in Munson Hall @277 Hawthorn St., Glen Ellyn,IL.[G.E.Co