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Interactive Journaling---helping you return to peace and joy. September Session

Using the model of jounaling is a simple method for improving our awareness of God's presence in both our thoughts and lives.  This is an easy tool to connect with God and is explained in the book, Joyful Journey- listening to Immanuel and can be found at the website  written by James Wilder, Anna Kang, John Loppnow and Sungshim Loppnow. There are three parts: 1.  Interactive gratitude      Gratitude helps strengthen our ISIGHT [awareness of God's presence in both our thoughts and lives].  It is also the easiest and fastest way to connection with God.  Throughout Scripture, God in His wisdom always encourages us to give thanks.  There are physical benefits to living a life of gratitude backed up by research.  "Our brain is "plastic" in the sense that it is capable of changing throughout our lifetime.  Whatever we do repeatedly tends to become a habit.  We can become overwhelmed with the intensity of unpleasant emotions that are ha