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Sculpture Clay class May 5, 2016

The participants were given permission to be free in their form of a sculpture of a person.  Sometimes just trying something new inspires the soul.  The tactile feeling of the clay gives feelings of accomplishing something and a sense of control yet not in control.  An evening of experimenting was had by all.

Children's Worship Response art in the Czech Republic

Our team of six women from Glen Ellyn Evangelical Covenant Church used their skill sets and gifts from years of experience in worship and children's ministry to bring a knowledge of worship to children from many cultures and countries, languages, special needs and learning styles.  We were invited to the Josiah Venture Mission Spring Conference in Malenovice, Czech Republic, to teach 50 children from the ages of 6-14 years about worship.  It was a fluid environment that you would find at a yearly conference setting, and the children were exposed to something quite different than their previous conference times together.  They were challenged in what their concept of worship was in their minds by training their brains to focus on God and work at keeping the distractions away so that they could learn to listen to God and hear His voice.  With practice, they would begin to recognize His voice from all of the other noises that they regularly hear. They were introduced to God's te