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Teaching and Living Gratitude from

When Your Child Feels Stuck November 14, 2019   By: Jen Coursey   Category:  Parenting   Comments: 0 This morning I was driving the boys to school and we started sharing some of the things we appreciate. Creating appreciation on the way to school is a rich tradition our family started  3 years ago . On this day, it was Matthew’s turn to start off expressing his appreciation. When I asked him to begin, he said, “Mom; I can’t think of anything I appreciate.” I knew it was time to get creative.  When we cannot remember something positive to enjoy or we struggle to think of something good to appreciate, it is often a good indicator we have fallen out of relational mode. Our relational circuits  are dimmed and offline . (1) While reflecting on the people, moments and things we appreciate tends to be a good way to help us shift back into relational mode, there are times we are so far offline that even  appreciation alone does not do the trick  . Here is when we need a littl