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Purpose By Design Girls retreat 2019-BLUE SKY DREAMS

BLUE SKY DREAMS This year's art worship used acrylic pour painting as the medium to listen to what God is saying to them.  The first step was for the girls to do a group pour paint canvas in order to leave negative emotions or fears on the canvas before they did their own canvas.  This year we had 30 girls, coming from Riverwoods Christian Action Center and The ARK of St. Sabina of Chicago.  We broke up into 2 art worship sessions.  The first group took turns adding paint and then tipping the canvas to let the paint move.  The second group added their paint one by one on top of the first group's paint and then tipped the canvas in order for the paint to continue to move.  The lesson was to watch everyone's mess which was put on the canvas be turned into something beautiful when we allowed  God to take control and move the paint.  The result was something beautiful! The next step was for each girl to come to her own station and canvas and select paint from