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February Clay Tree Relief-4th Monday of the Month

We missed you! Our "like a tree" Psalm 1 series continues as we braved the cold to play with clay.  The technique was easy and fun as we coiled a tree relief of roots, branches, fruit and leaves.  After our coils were finished we "flattened" them with a rolling pin to have everything stick together and then reapplied the details of the curves with different clay tools.  After all of that was finished, we chose different glazes to enhance the whimsy of the tree form we created.  After firing, the unglazed portions will show up as a creamy white. As trees are different, we were all created different and unique.  There is not another person like us nor will there ever be.  We were created on purpose and as our complete selves, purely for God's enjoyment and to bring Him glory.  What a great purpose for life!