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The Maker's Space video-Session #1-"Culture Care" and Collage

  Supplies Needed:  Some magazines, watered down white glue, sponge brush, canvas panel, tissue paper, the book,  "Culture Care" by Makoto Fujimura Video on Youtube... TEXT OF LESSON Welcome to The Maker’s Space, where we transform this space into our Maker’s Space and use art as a tool to slow down enough to hear what He is saying.   He wants each one of you to know how valuable you are to HIm.   He is always talking to us, we just don’t slow down enough to hear Him.   This is our first ever, virtual The Maker’s Space!   We have been meeting locally, since 2013, but now you can join us whenever you want!   It would be my hope and prayer that you might consider getting your own local group together and have your own local Maker’s Space.   I would be happy to help you in any way that I can, just email me @ .   Today, though, you might find yourself at home at your kitchen table.   The supplies for this time, are simple

First Video session released October 27

  Supplies:  a couple of magazines, watered white glue, brush, canvas panel or cardboard board, the book, "Culture Care" by Makoto Fujimura. Read Chapters 1 and 2! The video link will be posted here on Oct. 27 and on YouTube of The Maker's Space Channel. Upcoming sessions: November --Pen and INK    Read Chapters 3,4,5 and 6 January---    Acrylic Painting, "Starry Night"  Read Chapters 7,8,9 February-----Abstract Watercolor        Read Chapter 10 March--------Charcoal on paper           Read Chapter 11,12 April---------Art Journals                     Read Chapters 13-18 Send in your comments and what you learned and photos of your art to Art will be posted here in this website.

Online Conversation | Breaking Bread with the Dead, with Alan Jacobs

This talk goes along so well with our conversation and book study of Culture Care.  Reading old books helps us build our "personal density" as he describes, which helps us listen to new ideas from voices of the past, thus helping us practice listening to the new ideas of different cultures in our present.