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#5 Session of Culture Care- Charcoal Still Life

  SUPPLIES NEEDED: PAPER LIKE VELLUM, VINE CHARCOAL, HARD CHARCOAL, KNEADED ERASER, PRINTS OF REFERENCE PHOTOS, and tissues. Welcome to #5 and the last of the series on Culture Care.  We have been reading the book by Makoto Fujimura and doing a different medium of art with every new set of chapters.  We use art to slow down and listen to what God is saying to each of us.  He is always speaking, we need to purposefully listen to Him.  I hope that you have enjoyed this series and would love to hear what you have learned.  Take some time at the end of each session and look at your art and verbalize the concepts or thoughts it helps you remember.  I would love for you to comment on how this series has been helpful or inspiring to you.  You can always write to me at Enjoy this 5th video! 

Art Worship Workshop @Vail Christian Academy Elementary School


#4 Session of Culture Care- Abstract Watercolor

  Video Youtube link Supplies:   watercolor paper, Arches 140lb. cold pressed, tubes of watercolor to get pure color: Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Lamp black, Phthalo Blue, Yellow Ochre, painters tape, cardboard. Welcome to The Maker’s Space where we come out of our chaotic spaces and into a spacious space to slow down and use art to hear what our Maker is saying to each of us. We need each other to grow, and to practice being in the presence of God. Our goal is to be in His presence all the time, where we are always thinking about Him.   The more we think about Him, the more we get to know Him. So, thank you for encouraging me by being here. True art should pose questions. In fact, I heard, once, that art that only says one thing is a “sign.” In our last session of copying Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry, starry night, we noticed some of the things that his art was saying.   “What if Vincent was right?   What do we do in a culture in which the light of the Spirit