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You Are Your Mind and Marbled Ornaments- December 2019

This marbled ornament represents the billion thoughts in our brain on a daily basis.  We started our session by writing down any thought that came into our heads.  After 10 minutes, our papers were covered in a colorful array of words and designs.  This showed the complexity of our minds. This year, we have been using art to help us explore the topic of our identity.  We are taking excerpts for the book, "Who God Says You Are - a Christian understanding of identity " by Klyne Snodgrass. [All quotes in this post, are taken from the book.] The chapters in the book are organized by 9 facets of our identity: You are your body, You are your history, You are your relations, You are your commitments, You are your actions, You are your boundaries, You are an ongoing process of change, You are your future, and the one we are discussing now, You Are Your Mind. "You are indeed your mind.  You are the result of how you think about yourself.  The internal self-interpreting, s