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December 2023-Ornament Marbling of Lament Prayer

  Supplies:  Empty plastic ornaments from a craft store, craft paint and or marbling craft plain available from a craft store or any extra you have, newspaper for dripping paint. Welcome to The Maker’s Space!   You have set aside this time to meet with your Maker and do something creative together!   Our God is such a creative God and is so full of joy at the presence of you and your attention and focus on Him.   Come and try to leave your burdens with Him for a while so that you can find rest, peace and hear how much He delights in you. Let’s ponder the awesome mystery of a Love that knew us before we were born and will follow us beyond the grave. We are going to start with a short meditation to help us shift our focus off of ourselves and on to God.   Listen, and then we will do a time of focused breathing to help us get out of our left brain control mode and into a right brain creative mode.   Deep focused breathing slows down a racing heart and helps kick in creative thinking, just