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Creative Prayer Session #2-Trees

Supplies needed: watercolor paper, pen and watercolors and water container Welcome to the Maker’s Space. Relax and enjoy this time that you have set aside to feed your creative side, where you have something in common with our creative God. This is our second session of Creative Prayer. We are going to be focusing on 3 different types of prayer,   meditation, contemplation and thanksgiving.   Both meditation and contemplation are introspective, quiet and reflective, and are often confused, but meditation is stimulated by something external;   a text, a quote, a sound, an image, a thought or even a repetitive action, while contemplation deals with the purely internal:   silence, stillness, void, release, and the lack of emphasis on reasoning and rational thought. Contemplation uses your imagination or day dreaming, and in meditation we will use a tree image to think back over things in your past and how they have shaped you.   So, we will be using a little bit of both.   One of the dang