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February's Origami How Actions Define Your Identity

Welcome to THE MAKER’S SPACE,-- not the makers space which is a common name in community office buildings, meaning the space of makers.   T his space is different. We are invited into the space of “THE  MAKER " or Creator of all things.    In this space we can create with The Maker and get a sense of His playfulness and His loving eye upon us.  Not a disapproving eye, but an eye that is delighted in us, because He made us.  He doesn’t make mistakes.    In this sacred space, [any space that we meet with Him is made sacred by His being there], we can slow down and listen to what He is saying to us.    He is always speaking to us and has so much to say, whether it is here or outside in nature or from other people. He is always speaking, we are just not taking the time to listen.   H ere we begin practicing the art of listening, using art as a tool to slow ourselves down. The importance is being in the process not necessarily the end product. It can be something that God can use

2019 Haymarket Center Fundraising Luncheon-Volunteer of the Year Award

This year's fundraising luncheon for Haymarket Center which treats addiction and recovery, we were awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award!  The event was held at the Union League Club and this year we raised over 150,000.00 dollars.  Three group paintings painted by the clients were raffled and sold.  The clients individual paintings which were done in October, became the centerpieces for the theme Blue Sky Dreams.  Each of the 30 clients were represented by their painting displayed on an easel in the center of each table on top of a lit cloud of batting material and scattered with confetti stars.  See the video for pictures @ BdUwmVPZ5C571g6W     The paintings were done by 30 clients and we used the medium of acrylic pour painting.  Our discussions revolved around the colors that they chose, the one that became the most dominant, the changes that they were seeing, how much control they had over the paint and what they liked about