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New read recommendation

Check out Allen Arnold's website for a free sample of his new book the Eden Option. In it, Allen describes the world of Story #2 that we are born into by default, but we can choose to live in Story #1, the real story we were intended to live, a life of constant communion with God, if we make the intentional choice.  Do you feel that the world we are living in is getting more and more less real?  The farther we go into Story #2, the less real the world becomes and the farther and farther we get from God and the life that we were intended to live.  Check out the free sample, then buy the full edition, either hardcover or Kindle!  

Coming in April--Session #4 of Creative Prayer..Register now!

At the next  Maker’s Space workshop,  we will be experiencing God in a creative prayer, making crosses from broken, found or discarded items that the world doesn’t value, and making it into a work of God.  We will be praying in a physical way of making a cross, all the while allowing God to speak to you.  So, this week, start to collect the things you find at home, on a walk, in an old drawer or in a parking lot, that you could use in or on a cross and bring them to our next workshop on  Sunday, April 2, 4-6pm .  We will be exploring what the things God gives you that the world discards, can say to you about God.  These ideas are taken from the book,  Making Crosses—A creative Connection to God, by Ellen Morris Prewitt . Register at