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Empathy and Slowing down with Clay-March Maker's Space

"If we want a more compassionate society, we need to slow down."   The Science of Empathy by Skye Jethani 3/6/18 {} New brain research has found that our selfish part of the brain works much faster than our empathetic side.  If we want to become more empathetic with one another, we need to slow down and give our brain time to catch up and listen.  The whole time though, our brain will be fighting it, by suggesting ways to meet our own selfish needs.  Caring about someone else takes work and time to really listen to them and to hear their story.  In this busy world, we only have time to think about our own needs.  Our time saving methods have only made us busier.  Chances are that the person sitting next to you is thinking about himself, not you.  We are only responsible for ourselves and the change that we can do to make a more empathetic society.  It starts with us.  Will we slow down and care about another human? At our March meeting of The

Bleeding Tissue Paper Painting-Topic of JOY-February Meeting

We opened the meeting of why we were meeting to nourish the heart, slow down and listen, because God is the only one who looks on the inside appearance and can do heart surgery, which requires you to be still and quiet. We thought on the following quotes by Kay Warren's book "Choose joy because Happiness isn't Enough. "Joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life, the quiet confidence that ultimately everything is going to be all right and the determined choice to praise God in all things." "Those who love lavishly, extravagantly, find their souls flooded with joy." If we are going to experience joy in this lifetime, there's only one possible way.  We will have to choose it.  We will have to choose it in spite of unbelievable circumstances.  We will have to choose it in the middle of a situation that seems too hard to bear.  We will have to choose it even if our worst nightmare comes tru