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Coming in January 2021- 3rd Session of Culture Care- Starry Starry Night Acrylic Painting

  3RD SESSION OF CULTURE CARE- STARRY STARRY NIGHT PAINTING- COMING IN JANUARY   We had our first in person session of #3 Culture Care- Starry Starry Night Acrylic Painting. We covered Chapter 7, 8 & 9 in Culture Care by Makoto Fujimura and talked about how we can become "border-walkers" in the different cultures in which we find ourselves.  Another in person session is scheduled in January in Edwards, CO, for Vail Christian High School, freshmen, mother-daughter group.  Look for the video session coming at the end of January. You can do this session whenever you want in the privacy of your home. Supplies needed: Canvas panel, dark blue, white, black, red or orange, and yellow paint. Sponge brush, #6 brush, plastic paint for palette and water and paper towels.

The Maker's Space video Session #2- "Culture Care" and Pen and Ink

  VIDEO YOUTUBE LINK: Supplies needed:  Paper and Pen, any pen will do.                              "Culture Care" by Makoto Fujimura TEXT OF THE VIDEO: Welcome to The Maker’s Space!   Any space can become His space where we slow down and meet with Him.   We will use art to slow ourselves and   our minds down so that we can hear Him.   Our God loves to be WITH us and is continually talking to us.   We have to practice listening skills and focusing skills so that we can hear Him and have a conversation with Him.   Art helps us converse when we don’t know what to say, and He shows us things in our art that He wants to say to us. Art also teaches us new skills and brain research has shown us that being a bit uncomfortable when we are learning new things, helps push our brain from system 1, which is basically mindless tasks that don’t require learning, to system 2 which is where the learning takes place.   So, it is good to push ourselves to learn

The Maker's Space video-Session #1-"Culture Care" and Collage

  Supplies Needed:  Some magazines, watered down white glue, sponge brush, canvas panel, tissue paper, the book,  "Culture Care" by Makoto Fujimura Video on Youtube... TEXT OF LESSON Welcome to The Maker’s Space, where we transform this space into our Maker’s Space and use art as a tool to slow down enough to hear what He is saying.   He wants each one of you to know how valuable you are to HIm.   He is always talking to us, we just don’t slow down enough to hear Him.   This is our first ever, virtual The Maker’s Space!   We have been meeting locally, since 2013, but now you can join us whenever you want!   It would be my hope and prayer that you might consider getting your own local group together and have your own local Maker’s Space.   I would be happy to help you in any way that I can, just email me @ .   Today, though, you might find yourself at home at your kitchen table.   The supplies for this time, are simple