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Pause in Time....A Pause for Beauty-March

Does it feel like time has stopped?  What an extraordinary experience when the whole world stops.  This is definitely living as history is being made.  But isn't history always being made, we just don't notice the ordinary?  Perhaps this opportunity to slow down and notice the ordinary is a definite change from the way we have been doing things.  Will we look back on this time as a positive? Let's notice what it is like to not have the activities that we are used to doing.  Our routines have been interrupted.  Perhaps our sense of purpose has been taken away. A pause in our normal routines are good.  It gives a chance to reflect, to reorder, to refresh, to rest.  I have noticed those around me are extremely tired.  If nothing else, perhaps a purpose of this time is to rest and reflect.  Something new is about to happen.  Life will not be the same as we go forward.  Life is always changing but perhaps we don't notice the subtle changes like we notice the big ones. W