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The Art of Bas- Featured artist from South Wales

The Artist BAS is one of the worlds most highly acclaimed wildlife and nature artists. The Art of BAS receives worldwide recognition from museums, Royalty, Governments, galleries, critics and collectors of fine art. An innate sense of design and composition, emphasizing light and colour, is utilised to create a fine art original BAS  oil painting . Inspiration is gained through extensive adventures in wilderness areas around the globe, the artist then captures the wonder and beauty of creation on   canvas  . BAS' paintings are included in three books entitled "Best of Wildlife Art", published in the USA. The Art of BAS has been privileged to benefit Charitable Foundations and BAS hopes that his fine art can be used to further promote environmental concerns. It is the artists' pleasure to share his unique vision with others through The Art of BAS. His style of contemporary realism combines the truth of nature with his own personal vision a