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Finishing our 10th year and looking forward to next fall and the Ancient Practice of Spiritual Disciplines

 This year's The Maker's Space, Oct.,2022- June, 2023, has had six sessions of creative prayer using art, some of which have touched on some of the ancient prayer disciplines. This has been our 10th year of The Maker's Space and all have been creating the environment where listening prayer and prayer in the form of art is a conversation with God.  All have been spaces where we come out of a chaotic world to slow down, play with the creator of the universe, and hear what He might be whispering to us visually through the art that we do. Next year, starting in October, we will continue with some of these ancient practices of prayer, to create a space for them, thus acquainting ourselves with the practice perhaps incorporating it into our daily lives.

Breath as Prayer-Session #6 Creative Prayer-Alcohol Inks

 "Have you ever felt out of control when you're afraid or extremely stressed? There's a physiological reason that happens. When you nervous system senses danger, the amygdala, [sometimes called the emotional brain] takes over and literally bypasses the frontal lobe [sometimes called the logic brain] in order to prepare your body for fight, flight, or freeze, in a process that psychologist Daniel Goleman first called 'amygdala hijacking.' Your body reacts automatically, without intentional thought, and the result can often leave you feeling like you have no control over you reactions or behavior in that moment. Anxiety sets in. The limbic system serves your body well when you're facing an actual threat, like a bear attack for example, but it's not as helpful when the 'danger' is merely a stressful situation. These are the times when breath prayers, especially when practiced regularly, can be very helpful. As you slow your breathing, you're tellin