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Discouraging the Arts?

In his article "How do we discourage art in the church?", Phillip Ryken, president of Wheaton College, creates an interesting conversation to consider how our own churches are encouraging or discouraging artists and their God given talents.  Read his arguments and quotes and let us know what You think by posting any comments.  Let's get the discussion started. blogs/tgc/2013/05/28/how-to- discourage-artists-in-the- church/
In his book "Pure Pleasure, Why do Christians feel So Bad About Feeling Good?", Gary Thomas discusses how we derive enjoyment from what we do.  He writes," Perhaps it should not surprise us that many believers find pleasure in making things; after all, we're made in the image of the creator God.  The wild variety of creative arts reflects the enormous diversity of God's people.  Our mass-production culture assaults this pleasure.  To embrace creative pleasures, we must overcome the crass "legitimization of commerce."  Some painters refuse to see themselves as true painters unless they can sell their paintings.  Others think they're not really photographers unless they market their services or prints.  The beauty of being make in the image of the creator God is that we can freely celebrate creating for creating's sake.  If you enjoy it, it can even become a form of worship. So go ahead, make something just because you like to make it-even if yo