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You Are Your Boundaries- Abstract Watercolor Landscapes

This year's series of using art as a tool to explore the big question of Identity looks at "Who Am I" and the book by Klyne Snodrass, "Who God Says You Are."  This month of January, 2020, we are exploring how boundaries shape our identity.  [All quotes are from the above book.] We may not like it but we need boundaries.  "In Robert Frost's poem "Mending Wall," Frost is repairing a wall with his neighbor and seems not so sure about walls and wonders what he is walling in and walling out.  We need boundaries, but wrongly understood, they diminish life.  Life is about  boundaries, but it is also about seeking intimacy and relations despite our boundaries.  Identity is established by difference, by recognizing what we are and what we are not, and that is based on boundaries, whether geographical, social, religious, occupational, or other.  I am me, not you.  I am human, not God.  Identifying others or oneself is a means of differentiation...&quo