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Continued pencil drawings---figures. Send in your drawings! Take a look!

In light of the fact that we should have been meeting in April, we hope all of you are well!  We miss seeing you and getting together to do art in order to slow down and hear some things about ourselves.  We hope that you find that this is not wasted time, but found time for reflection and growth. In keeping with our drawing theme from last month, we thought we would challenge you to try some figures.  There are some great folds in these black and white photos to try.  Shading is everything!  Those of you that sent in some of the faces that you attempted were wonderful!! Check them out at the previous post of pencil drawing. In the mean time, grab a piece of paper and pencil, get cozy, and try your hand at the shepherds and flutes from Palestine, below, [circa 1930.] As always, follow the blog @  and Instagram@themakersspace   Send in your attempts to Just draw what you see!  Happy sketching!

Beauty is Essential For Our Life

Let's not forget, in these days of an overabundance of ugly and fear, let's seek out something beautiful.  We were created to view beauty.  We need it.  We crave it.  Did you every wonder why? "That we even need to explain how beauty is so absolutely essential to God only shows how dull we have grown to him, to the world in which we live, and to Eve, [the first woman, made in the image of God.]  Our own spiritual lives are lived with barely a nod to beauty, to the central role that beauty plays in the life of God, and in our own lives.  We hold to the importance of truth and goodness.  We skip right over the importance of beauty when trying to know God." "Beauty is the essence of God.  The first way we know this is through nature, the world God has given us.  Scripture says that the created world is filled with the glory of God.[Isa. 6:3]  In what way?  Primarily through its beauty .  Nature is not primarily functional.  It is primarily beautiful."

Living in the Resurrection 2020 Exhibit

To see paintings of what it means to live in a season of Resurrection go The church of Glen Ellyn Evangelical Church has a group of artists that are using their gifts to show what living in the season of Resurrection means to them. The paintings with the inspirations that they began with connects with us in a way that mere words cannot. Thank you artists for giving us a visual to think about during this Easter season. The "Living in the Resurrection" Exhibit is still hanging in the sanctuary at Glen Ellyn Evangelical Church through Advent 2020.

Pencil Drawing and Faces---I am posting your drawings-Take a look!

Our medium for the month was pencil drawing and faces.  We are sorry that we won't be meeting together in March and April, but you can do this at home.  Even 15 minutes of drawing can calm the stress of these uncertain times.  It is so good to think of something else, and give your mind a rest from all of the negative news.  You might as well practice a new skill.  The more you draw, the better at it you become.  Look in magazines or newspapers and start noticing faces.  Pick out some to try and draw.  Faces are intimidating, but really aren't as hard as you think.  Once you place the features and start putting in shadows, they start to take shape and come alive.  Leave the light places light.  You should look for at least 3 tones, light medium and dark.  In the meantime:  Try a pencil drawing of this face.... Send them in to  and we'll post them on the blog, no names, just to encourage each other.