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When Children Beat Adults at Seeing the World

It is such a joy to learn to see the world through the eyes of children.  To allow children to teach us how to worship God is essential because it is effortless for them.  They see things they we do not see because they notice what is there and what is not there.  It is easy for them to believe in someone greater than themselves.  It is easy for them to use their imagination to connect with the Maker of the Universe.  It is not a stretch for them to believe in power beyond themselves.  Their faith in the impossible is strong.  That is why they are the most powerful teachers of God and worship because they listen and observe. The following article talks of an experiment with children and adults on "noticing."  In our fast-paced world, it is the 'slowing down to notice' that gets left out.  This is all the more reason to slow down, notice the beauty and what we are missing going about our daily lives.  What are we missing?  What are we not seeing.  What if there is

Video of the Norwegian Fjords will leave you in AWE

    7:36   This Video of the Norwegian Fjords Will Leave You In Awe --