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Another Vail Church Collage night wih families

Our 4th session at Vail Church was on Your Identity in Christ using affirmations from the Bible.  We had done this one with the Junior High Sunday School Class, and this time invited adults, young adults and families.  All were so amazed at how God spoke to them through color and magazines and creativity of slowing down to listen.  The actual lesson can be found below the art so you can try it yourself!

Junior High Art Workshop @Vail Church 2/4/24

  Vail Church's Junior High Sunday School Class, exploring their identity in Christ, was led in an art worship workshop of affirmations and who we are in Christ.  Collage was the medium where the students practiced their listening skills from God, and were led to concentrate on 1 of the many affirmations of who they are if they have decided to follow Jesus.  Many wrote the affirmation that they chose, and all were a beautiful collage of how they saw their affirmation statement.  All of the students were deeply engaged and would have worked longer if they had more than the 45 minutes allotted to the class.  Below is their raw artwork with some of their affirmations:.... Then, Wendy overlayed the students profiles that they had made during the previous week's class.  Not all of the same students were in attendance both weeks, but she worked with what she had.  The beautiful results are below:

Writing Workshops

Come carve out some time to write and be inspired! 277 Hawthorn Blvd.  Glen Ellyn, IL Glen Ellyn Evangelical Covenant Church  

January Workshop on Hope and Joy-2024

Breath as Prayer Bead Bookmark and Journal Blank Journal – found some inexpensive at Five Below store $5 for $5, if you want to share. Prayer Bead Supplies to Make at Home: You can use old beads from broken jewelry or rosaries (10 or 12 beads) Purchase a pack of colorful beads from Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby or Michaels. 16” string small enough to string through bead whole. Inexpensive cord can be purchased from Joann’s or Michaels too. Look for discount coupons before buying. There’s always a sale. Cross Charm or favorite charm from broken jewelry or rosary. Tied at end of bookmark to weight it down. Instructions: Cut a piece of cording or string to about 16”. If your journal is long make the cord a little longer. Ties a simple knot at the top of the string. Lace on your 10-12 beads. I used different size beads for my fingers to feel when saying the breath prayers. Tie a simple knot below the last bead that you strung on the cording. Tie a charm on the end of the cord. I used a cross

Now in 2 Different Locations in January!

  See the art from this workshop Exciting things have been happening with The Maker's Space this January, 2024!  The Vail Church in Avon, Colorado has been wanting to start a creative group for the last few years.  This year, it is happening with 2 sessions scheduled for January, and more TBD.  It just took interested individuals to be willing to lead and open up space to slow down and listen to The Maker using different art forms.