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Coming up in September!! The Maker's Space             "LIVE CREATIVELY, FRIENDS!”    Galations 6:1 MSG How long do we plow through our pain and ignore our own self-care? Do the daily stresses of work have you feeling that life is blah and unexciting? How do I feel that joy of living? Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it-every, every, minute?    [Taken from the play Our Town]  How can we slow down enough to pay attention to what’s around us and inside of us? “To live deeply is a special challenge, for it is so easy to be superficial.  We are so busy.  Leisure is not the inevitable result of spare times, a weekend, or vacation.  It is, in the first place, an attitude of mind, a condition of the soul.   Such an attitude pits us against compulsive busyness and against drivenness.  It can mean, making a space for God.  It is prayer.”    – Taken from Space for God, The Study and Practice of Prayer and Spirituality by Don Postema The Maker's Space
We are excited to announce an event happening this Christmas Season in Wheaton.   A committee of Wheaton residents along with the Jonahre foundation will be hosting a Christmas Art Walk with 12 stores hosting 12 pieces of commissioned fine art telling the Biblical story of Christmas.  The 12 pieces of art are selected from submissions and commissioned for the town of Wheaton from 12 different artists completing work in different mediums and genres of art.     These will be displayed in 12 different businesses in Wheaton during regular business hours.   A map of the art walk will be provided to encourage the community to view each of the individual pieces which tells the complete Christmas Story.   This will run for the 12 days before Christmas. The Jonahre Foundation’s mission, a non-for-profit organization, is to bring Truth to reality through the biblical storytelling through art. Having presented this art walk model in the community of Barrington in 2015, Wheaton has been