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January 11 Sex Trafficking Awareness Day

To bring awareness to an industry that must end, Haymarket Center Board of Directors along with The Maker's Space, sponsored a fund raiser.  There was an art auction from artists who donated their work under the theme "Hands of Hope." Jasmon Harper Torn Pieces by Brian Golden Shadow in the Garden by Susan Ferrell Surviving the Storm by Khrystyna Kozyuk Against All Odds by Irene Peterson Breaking Free by Triva Hall Resilience by Brian Golden Clients that are in the Haymarket Center Recovery Unit, participated in a reflective art event, where they molded their hands in wax to say something about their recovery.  They then spent time writing a narrative about what their hands were saying about this part of the recovery journey.  These hands were displayed on the tables, along with a booklet with their stories.  Their stories represented them well at the fund raising event.  For more information how you can get involved and donate, go to www

Kids Art at the 2017 Wheaton Christmas Art Walk

We had 3 stations in the wonderful multi-use space above Moore Toys and Gadgets on December 17, 2017 from 1-3pm.  Parents were encouraged to drop in with their children as a response to the art that they were seeing on the Wheaton Christmas Art Walk.  On the walk, 12 stores participated in hosting 12 pieces of art, that told the Biblical Christmas Narrative using 12 scriptures of the Bible.  Art slows us down and encourages us to respond in an emotional way to something we see or hear.  This space provided the children with a time to do just that.