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Calligraphy and the art of lettering

In light of next month's meeting of The Maker's Space on Tuesday April 28, 7pm at Glen Ellyn Covenant Church, where we will be exploring Calligraphy, there are some upcoming events at the college with Timothy Botts, well-known local calligrapher.  Hope to see you there! Calligraphy for the Community with Timothy Botts Monday, March 30, 2015, 9:30am – 1:30pm Location Billy Graham Center 120 Museum Gallery Organization CSA Event State Confirmed Event Name Staycation Calligraphy For The Community As a part of the Staycation Week activities at Wheaton College, the Community School of the Arts (CSA) invites the community to meet calligraphy artist Timothy R. Botts in the Billy Graham Center Museum on Monday, March 30. Beginning at 9:30 a.m. and repeating every hour with the last tour at 12:30 p.m., Mr. Botts will offer tours of his recent calligraphy work of Handel's  Messiah.  Timothy Botts graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University where he studied calligraphy and


I am hooked to this new art form.  It will be a wonderful format to use when teaching art worship at St. Sabina's next month, April 2015.  I intend to use it for Purpose by Design and the girls from Riverwoods this summer as well.  There are so many beautiful designs. The Maker's Space The Art of Meditative Doodling We had a wonderful evening of learning this slow art, that we decided to repeat it.  Stay tuned for a date this summer. All men and women:  The great master artists doodled, architects doodle, doctors doodle.  Lines on a paper while thinking and contemplating problems is finally being recognized as therapeutic for the mind and soul and general well-being.  Come explore how to lower your blood-pressure as well as clear a pathway for divine thoughts to enter your brain.  Meditative doodling is a form of prayer and communication with the Creator which engages the body and mind to focus, concentrate and thus find rest. Continue to check  The M