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Pour Painting June 2016

Art makes the invisible visible.  Art allows us to play, slow down and enjoy making something new and creative.  That is what happened during our June meeting of The Maker's Space Community Art Group where we mixed Liquitex pouring medium with acrylic paint.  After applying the paint, we tilted the canvas watch the colors flow around each other.  Adding color, we continued on individual canvases.  We then did a collaborative piece to hang in an office of one of our members.  Our inspiration was Isaiah of the new Jerusalem of flowing living water against the foundation embedded with precious stones.  After applying paint, we took turns deciding which way to tilt the canvas and for how long to let it go.  When we were satisfied, more paint was applied in rings and lines until we were satisfied with the results.  For more pictures of the individual canvases, go to www.Facebook/2013TMS