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January- Allow yourself to be bored

January is such a wonderful month to reflect, look forward, clean out, and rearrange your schedule by adding or subtracting things in your life that do or do not bring you life and joy. Scientists in brain science are measuring brain waves during times of boredom.  Did you know that boredom leads to more creativity?  If there is space in your life to not think about immediate tasks at hand, and to rest, it has more of a chance to think creatively. Never before have we been multitasking 24 hours a day.  The phone and constant connectivity does not allow our brains to rest.  We were not wired to be "on" 24 hours a day.  Our brains need down time, not just during sleep.  Our brains need rest during wakefulness to process and think about all of the information that comes before it through our eyes when we continue to connect with our phones. Boredom allows the brain space and rest.  So next time you find yourself stuck in traffic, stuck in line or just home with nothing to