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January's Narrative Writing with Tanya Davis

Everyone has stories and memories that can be triggered by prompts.  By allowing yourself the freedom of noticing the memories that first pop up in your mind, you can revisit some things that have happened to you that you may not have ever reflected upon.  Plato said, "An unreflected life is not worth living."  Unless you journal regularly,  you may not have taken the time to see what is there when you sit down with pen and paper. My muscles felt the increased resistance even before my eyes saw the incline. Then my skin felt the sweat rolling down my brow as the wind swooshed in my ears causing a wiff of pine to rise off the off the forest floor. And then my heart knew where it was, on yet another bicycle adventure. A flu knocks yet life marches on, suffering settles in threatening the faith once held. In the quaygmire the Word brings sonlight as salve for the dark night of the soul. Hands that offer healing hope Hands that hold an infant born Hands that fold