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March visit to the Czech Republic

In March, we were able to visit one of the founders Jana Zajicova and their school "   ZŠ TRNKA Dobříš"  in Dobris, Czech.  Jana has been teaching English and other subjects with her students since they started in first grade and now they are in their fourth and fifth years.  Every year since the new school started, they have been adding another class.  They will be starting to plan for junior high curriculum next summer.  Their English has improved since the last time we read to them two years ago.  As last time, we brought an English children's book from author Nancy Berrios.  Her new book, The Child Artist, was a big hit with the children, as it has interactive pages for the children to draw and color in their dreams and wishes.  The discussion that followed reading the book, and giving the children time to think and color in their imaginations, was lively and all in English.  What a wonderful day to see these children excited about learning, dreaming big dreams and sp