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My "Artist Date" with Van Gogh

Last week, I had my "artist date" with Van Gogh, getting to know him a little better.  An "artist date" is a weekly date with yourself, doing something that brings you joy.  {For more see my Page-How to FEED your Soul in this blog}  I realize what this sounds like, but seeing a person's bedroom, helps you get to know him in a different way. The Chicago Art Institute's exhibit of the three paintings of Van Gogh's bedroom does a wonderful job of displaying and explaining Van Gogh's life in light of these paintings.  This is the first time that all three are displayed in the same room.  One resides in Amsterdam at the relatively new Van Gogh museum, one in Paris and one here in Chicago.  It explains how much he liked the first painting, which is why he did a second for a copy, and the third as a gift to his mother and sister to show how he was living apart from them in the south of France.  It also has a wonderful video that loops and shows the diff