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you tube video on "why do art"?

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2013 Event Schedule for The Maker's Space Unless otherwise noted, events start at 6:30 at Glen Ellyn Evangelical Covenant Church 2013 Jan. Eucharistones..gratitude stones to give away Feb.  Celtic Glass Painting Mar.  Mosaic Cross beginning for the congregational Lenten mosaic cross Apr.  Ceramic lace bowls and platters for art sale May  Art sale and show/Attic Treasures to benefit Youth Czech Mission Trip June  Writer's Workshop July   Large Canvas Painting August  rescheduled September  Watercolor Oct.   Writer's Workshop  "Your Story" Nov.  18  Drawing Portraits with Eleanor Manning Dec.   16  Craft night for art sale and show in spring 2014 Jan.     20 Taking the fear out of Poetry Feb.    Writer's workshop with Don Holt former editor of Newsweek September's Watercolor Workshop

Introduction: What is the Maker's Space?

The Maker's Space  is a community art group that meets at the Glen Ellyn Evangelical Covenant Church monthly.  It is a place to explore the creativity that God placed inside of each one of us.  When we use our creative self, we commune with the Creator in a very special way.  It is open to anyone who is interested in growing that creative self.  This blog is a place to bounce off ideas, quotes, expressions and think outside the box in order to stretch past our creative blocks.  Hopefully, this will inspire all of us to live creatively.  There will also be scheduled events to encourage you to explore other mediums of creativity.