January Maker's Space

Makers Space Community Art Group explored a different type of art this month.  We focused on the art of Narrative Writing.  The elements of Narrative writing are: learning to pay attention to the narratives and stories of others. Recognition that we each hold a unique narrative. Finding a connection point with the narrative of others. Learning to express empathy with others. Empathy is conceptualized in terms of three important elements: the ability to observe emotions in others, the ability to feel those emotions, and finally the ability to respond to those emotions. 
In one of the writing exercises participants were instructed to draw their hand.  The facilitator then asked the participant to look at the hand-your hand, your hand has a history.  That hand is apart of your narrative.  What story comes to your mind when you see that hand? They then wrote for 15-20 minutes. After writing they shared their stories while the other participants were active listeners and support for the person sharing.  The interactions were warm and personable and connections were made amongst people who came from different experiences.  Below is a spontaneous writing on the hand from one of the participants. Narrative writing allows you to look beyond yourself and to share your story.  Narrative goes beyond the facts of who you are to find deeper meaning within your life stories.  Your life stories are apart of your narrative. 

All are welcome to this space, to slow down, and take some time to let your creative self breathe!

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