New Event...Worship Painting!

New Painting Event

Worship Painting
Saturdays, March 25April 22May 27, 11am-2pm

Bring all of your supplies for a time of worship using art.  We will meet in the lower atrium area.  Interested artists RSVP

The Maker's Space

The Maker's Space is into its 4th year!  Its presence continues to build, and we have some very talented teachers lined up for 2017!  In order to continue, we need your continued support by marking the dates on your calendars and attending. Without your support, this opportunity will go away.  Don't wait for next year!  The time is now to deepen and explore your creative self.  Don't fear the "product," because this is only about the process and making yourself available to think new thoughts, thus living more creatively.

I it is a safe place to bring friends and those who might feel different because of their interest in the creative or unusual from the "norm."  We try to introduce mediums of the arts to stir the imagination and help us slow down and hear what God might be saying to us.  Try all mediums even if you have never done it before.  Visit our blog at

Upcoming dates!

     Monday, March 277-9pm – Fabric Art.  Come see how Nancy Farah Cripe uses fabric to worship.  We will be completing collaborative banners.
     Monday, April 247-9pm
 – The Dramatic Arts.  Mark Lewis, Associate Professor of Communications at Wheaton College and Director of Theater Programs, will be bringing Scripture alive using the Dramatic Arts.  Come join us as we look at Scripture in new and exciting ways.
     Monday, May 227-9pm – Handmade Paper.  We will be making handmade paper, using the things found in nature around us.  Taught by Jim Leonard, artist and paper crafter.  Click here to visit his website.

"The Trees Shall be for Healing" and "Rising," by Jim Leonard


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