Coming this October!! The Maker's Space Zoom and video sessions

 Now you can join us anytime you wish or join us live on Zoom each month.  Dates and schedules are to follow.  We will be using the book Culture Care by Makoto Fujimara so join us in an art/book discussion and see how your art can speak to you.  We will be starting with easy to gather supplies each month starting with Collage.  All you need to bring is a magazine and some glue.   So get the book, start reading and we will discover how you can bring beauty into all of the different cultures that you bridge.

2020 we are producing videos so that you can come to The Maker's Space anytime.  We are encouraging you to gather a group together and do the video of The Maker's Space each month together.  For example, a group of High School freshmen and their mothers will be meeting throughout the year to discuss the topics of Culture Care by Makoto Fujimura and explore the questions using art.  Each month will have the list of art supplies along with the chapters of the book to be discussed.  Come join us!  We are available to answer any questions and to get you started.  Contact us at  We would love to hear from you and how this format is helping you connect with God. Stay tuned here for dates and times!


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