The Purpose By Design Art Worship Workshop JULY 2021-The Real "YOU"

                                                                                      The Purpose By Design Art Worship Workshop 2021

After last summer of a zoom retreat, we resumed the retreat in Tennessee, bringing 12 teenage girls from the ages of 13-18 years old to the retreat center for 4 days of workshops, fitness training, health and resilience training and rest. 

We try and create a safe space where the girls can be themselves and rest from the stresses that they have at home and at school but to also be inspired by the women who share their stories and lives with them.  Many have been forced to grow up too fast because of trauma in their environment. For eleven years, Purpose By Design is trying to inspire teenage girls to be everything they were designed to be.

This year the girls painted masks of themselves.  They are white masks that can be painted on using acrylic paints.  

Day 1—Paint the “You” that you want people to see on the outside of the mask

Day 2—On the inside of the mask, paint the inside “You” that only you and God sees, including the struggles, and fears you try not to let others see.

After they finished the inside of their masks, they wrote a description of the “You” that God sees, using a list of affirmations as a jumping off point.  Starting each sentence with “I am…”

 On the last day, we created an art gallery, where the girls spoke about their experience and their art.  We celebrated each of them and encouraged them after their presentations.  They all participated and had so much inspiration about themselves and what God had to say to them.                                                                                  


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