Asking Questions???

                                                                            Asking Questions???

Whether we admit it or not, we are on a journey.  Humans are curious beings, so asking questions along the way can turn the journey into a quest.  The quest can be about the journey. Where we are going?  Which route do we take?  Are we up for an adventure?  The quest can also be about ourselves. Where am I going? How am I growing?  What am I learning? What do I see?  Who am I meeting? What are they like? What do they think?  What do I think?

I am discovering that the older I become, the less I understand, especially of the world around me.  I am also discovering that we were created to be makers not takers.  In other words, to not only be consumers as we go through this world, but to give back and make the world a better place.  Because we were created by a creative God, our life is made to fit uniquely into the world where we find ourselves today.  One person can make a huge impact.  Our individual acts of kindness and love and beauty can add to the world, not just take from it.

The needs in today’s world can be overwhelming and we can become paralyzed by fear or confusion as to what can be our first step?  With all of the current events in today’s culture, we can find ourselves in a state of “languishing,” somewhere between despair and flourishing.  If you are not in a state of languishing, I bet you know someone close to you who is.  How can we move forward from the languishing state into a state of flourishing and thriving?  Maybe you find yourself languishing and not knowing exactly “what’s next?’  How do we move forward and move onward?  I suggest that it is by asking questions.

When we first begin talking, we begin asking questions in order to understand ourselves and the world around us.  Asking questions and being curious about others promotes empathy and dialogue. The more we dialogue with people, the more likely we are to understand their stories, creating empathy, which moves us out of our own little worlds.  We have been in a time of isolation, where we have only been focusing on ourselves.  We were created to be in relationship.  Our brains are wired for eye contact in order to develop and grow.  We need community in order to grow emotionally and spiritually. Physical growth happens naturally, and many mistake chronological age with maturity, but real maturity includes emotional development as well as spiritual development.  Just because many ignore the need to intentionally grow emotionally and spiritually, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  Asking questions help us grow up.

Before we start asking questions of others, we need to start asking questions of ourselves.  What better place to start to ask questions about ourselves than the person who knows us better than anyone, God.  God is asking us questions about ourselves all the time, we just aren’t paying attention.  Even though He already knows the answers, a look at the questions He asked others in the Bible, can help us know what He is ultimately asking us.  Each session, I will pose a question that God has asked in the Bible, and we can ask ourselves the same question.  These questions can help us get to know ourselves better and also give us the desire to hear the answers of others.  Each session will also have an art experience with God which gives Him a tool to speak to us.  At the end, there will be additional discussion questions that you can take to the dinner table with family and friends to promote dialogue.  We continue to work on our listening skills here at The Maker’s Space, where we slow ourselves down so we can hear God. These questions for further discussion, can help us practice our listening skills with each other, to promote dialogue and the sharing of ideas.  Whether you think that these ideas are right or wrong, is not the point.  By listening to one another we can put words to our thoughts and help us sort out truth by asking questions. 

 It takes faith to ask questions of God, because you first have to believe He exists.  He is not afraid of our questions, nor is He afraid to ask questions.  He desires to be in dialogue with us and to help us navigate this life.  He created each of us unlike anyone else, placed on this earth at this particular time, to discover Him and to be with Him.  In doing so, we discover who we are.

If you want to walk and talk with God through this life, and feel like you’ve gotten off track, or just want to begin again, these 5 questions will help get you back on track or unstuck.  The more honest you are with yourself, the deeper you can go with God.  God already knows the answers, and can help you discover what they are.

Session #1     Where are you?              [Genesis 3:9]             A study of Kandinsky, lines   
Session #2     Who told you that?         [Genesis 3:11]           Word collages
Session #3   What are you seeking?   [John 1:38]         Clay

Session #4   Why are you afraid?       [Matthew 8:26     Alcohol Inks

Session #5   How much more…?       [Luke 11:13]        Acrylic Pour painting

To read more in depth about these topics and questions, let me suggest looking at The Quest by Beth Moore and the book A Practical Guide to Culture-Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World by Stonestreet and Kunkle

There will be various private workshops across the country, but these sessions will be posted here on this blog so that you can do them on your own and then take them to your own family or friend workshop.  Let me know how your sessions go, and send me pictures of your art!  Send

Our local sessions here in Illinois, will be @ The Glen Ellyn Covenant Church, 277 Hawthorne, Glen Ellyn, IL  All are welcome.

Session #1  Sunday night 5-7 November 14, 2021

Session #2  Sunday night 5-7 January     23, 2022

Session #3  Sunday night 5-7 February    27, 2022

Session #4  Sunday night 5-7 March        27, 2022

Session #5  Sunday night 5-7 April           24, 2022


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