Feeling "Snowed?"


There is an old slang of the word "snowed" meaning "to overwhelm with insincere talk, especially with flattery."  Much of the talk today, is insincere, whether it be television, politicians or social media.  I am craving meaningful conversation, real feelings, deep thought, not just the surface and what you see.  I think that this year's series of "Questions?" help promote deeper conversations.  During our family gathering this year, we did session #1 of "Where are You?"  All of us need to just stop moving and take stock at where we are at this moment.  We had meaningful conversations with each other, and got a little better idea where each of us stood.  Sometimes verbalizing our current position helps us to put it into words and make it become more real.  We are always deluding ourselves and a dose of present reality is so healthy.  We can't move on if we don't know where we are.  I encourage you to take the time to do this session either alone are with some of your family or friends.

Session #2 is the question, "Who told you that?" 

 In this season of constantly being "snowed" by others, it is so important to stop and examine all of the voices around you.  Some of those voices are the negative voices in our heads that everyone of us have.  Others are the constant bombardment of the world trying to sell us something or believe something so that we will buy into a concept.  These sessions will help with that and help to identify the voices you should listen to and the voices in which not to listen.

Session #2 will be posted this month, but we are going to try a LIVE ZOOM on Sunday, January 23, 2022.

We will be going LIVE at 5:30 pm Central Time and hope you can join us if not in person.  Please subscribe by clicking on the three small bars in the top left hand corner of The Maker's Space front page.  You can add your email and you will be sent a link in order to participate in the LIVE ZOOM.  You will not be "snowed "with emails, but will be notified when the next session is posted!  Please subscribe to encourage us!


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