The Maker's Space in February


In a recent Wall Street Journal article on HERE’S HOW TO TACKLE PANDEMIC FATIGUE, suggestions included; practicing mindfulness, seeking quality social connections, spending less time on screens and social media, and finding new interests.  All of these actions can relieve stress which increases inflammation in the body which can make us more prone to getting sick.  Finding new interests and creative outlets can help fight those feelings of stagnation or "languishing," which is a state between despair and flourishing. 


At The Maker’s Space, the new series of “Questions?” can help move you from languishing on to the “What’s Next?”  Come try a new skill by engaging in art and using it as a tool to slow down and be mindful of what is currently happening in and around you.

You can find the sessions here @

This month, come play with CLAY.   It’s free! So take some time for yourself.  

All supplies included but you do need to 

RSVP TO so we can prepare the clay for you.  Come slow down and relax and try something new for your health!

FEBRUARY 27, 2022   



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