Art Workshop in Czech Republic

 August 2022, a reunion of the Wheaton College Summer Leadership Study Program was held in Malenovici, Czech Republic.

Leaders from central and Eastern Europe gathered for a reunion of adult students and their spouses for fellowship, rest and teaching on The theme “Lament to Hope.” During the afternoon, optional workshops were held, one being a Maker’s Space Workshop on Neurographica. More details on the actual session can be found on the #5 Session of the Series Questions?? earlier in this blog. Connecting with an event that has been troubling, and then putting that emotion into paper and going through a step by step process of smoothing out the intersections helped deal with subconscious emotions in a healthy way. Instead of remaining a victim, becoming a creator of something beautiful grows new lines of connection in the brain.

Insights were discovered by all as they looked at their problem issue from a new perspective. Emotions were periodically checked as we progressed through the exercise. Try it yourself in detail, under Questions?? #5 earlier in this blog and take a look at the art that was produced.


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