Now in 2 Different Locations in January!

See the art from this workshop

Exciting things have been happening with The Maker's Space this January, 2024!  The Vail Church in Avon, Colorado has been wanting to start a creative group for the last few years.  This year, it is happening with 2 sessions scheduled for January, and more TBD.  It just took interested individuals to be willing to lead and open up space to slow down and listen to The Maker using different art forms. 

Our original location in Glen Ellyn, IL, will be meeting on Jan. 7, with the new location in CO, meeting on the same day but during the afternoon.  No one knows what lies ahead, but anything is possible when we tap into the source of creativity and ideas!  If you are reading this, and want to start a creative group in your church, contact us at  We are willing to help you get started.

Here are three types of people who would benefit from starting a creative group in your church and the reasons why a creative group will help your church flourish, but will also help your community flourish as well.

1.  When we pursue creativity, it promotes flourishing of the entire community.  A creative group needs to be connected to a body of believers because God is the source of all creativity.  One purpose of the group is to remind everyone that they are creative, even though others have told them that they are not.  God tells us that we are creative just by his very nature of being a Creative God creating us to be creative.  We can use our God-given creativity in everything that we do to make the world more beautiful. By pursuing beauty, we pursue God.  God is beauty.

2. Some have already identified themselves as creatives with artistic talents and gifts and this gives them a place to belong and feel included.  Most creatives feel different than most people, even though all of us should embrace our uniqueness.  The more that we connect with God in order to use our talents and gifts, the more ideas and sense of purpose we get from Him.

3.  As those creatives in your midst with gifts and talents begin to identify as artists, they can be used by God to enhance the worship of the entire body of believers.  This group of people  can grow out of a creative group as their listening skills to the Spirit of Creativity are strengthened.  The possibilities of these artists are also limitless as worship can go from the enhanced worship service using the arts, to branching out into the community using the arts.

An example of the above, is art in the sanctuary on a particular theme, to a Biblically based art walk in the community telling the Christmas story and Easter story.


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