Worship Arts and The Tribe of Dan

The group of artists that have emerged from The Maker's Space Community Art Group help encourage the artists in our congregation to enhance our worship using the arts in all forms of their giftedness.  We have taken the name of The Tribe of Dan because they were the early Israelite tribe that had members filled with the Spirit of God of artistic talents to enhance worship and decorate the Temple of Solomon.  Even today, it is our belief that congregations need imaginative people with skills to help "transform the worship space into an environment that glorifies God and invites God into our hearts and minds."  [Awesome Altars-How to Transform Worship Space by Mary Dark]
Here are some of our ideas and past worship spaces and congregational art worship projects.
More of our sanctuary worship art can be found on Pinterest@ https://www.pinterest.com/kristesveen/worship-arts-glen-ellyn-covenant-church/

                                             Lent 2022
                                              Easter 2022
                                                Pentecost 2022

All Church Family Tree--Each family made a tile representing their family

Advent..Heaven Come Down. Inspiration for the Sanctuary Advent Visual
Cross.  Star.  Beams of light.  Heaven Come Down.  We see LIGHT as our eyes are drawn to the Advent visual in the sanctuary.  But then we notice that the light is moving.  Let not this movement distract you from hearing and seeing God.  The moving light symbolizes the continuing movement of God in creation and redemption.  The light of God moves from heaven to the cross to the manger.  The glory of God that we experience in the magnificence of music of the season, the quiet conversation with our fellow Christian brothers and sisters, sitting in our current life places, and always in the stillness of our days and nights.  You are invited to worship God, to be in his presence even in all the loud chaos of the world.  In the heavenlies there is continuous worship set against a backdrop of brilliance, flashing lightening, angels soaring as they sing:  Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth, peace to all.
God Come Down.  Emmanuel.

Sermon Series on Mark-IMMEDIATELY

Summer Sermon Series on Ephesians 2020
Fall 2020 Sermon Series on Matthew and the Parables of The Kingdom of God


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